Sculpture Portfolio: Otters, Dolphins & Whales

Whisper, walrus & pup $2850Whisper Walrus, $2750 no base Ed 75Lucky Catch-sea otters with fish - $15700.Temptation-sea otter and fish-$3675Clam feast-$1975Playmates, Jr. sea otters (Model)-$4250.00-18Kelp Cradle-sea otter & kelp-$3,475  Giselle $2725 & the Twins $1175, I Spy-sea otters- $1675Baptized in Water-sea otter-$6,975.00-18Home Alone, Sea otter Pup - $395Beluga Sunrise-Beluga whales$6500Grand Exit, Whales tail $1375Tsunami-$3875-17Into the Deep-Humpback whales -$3950Whales Tale, $7550Descending-Whales tale-Ed.75-$1450.-9.75Tiptoes-$2795-17.5Grace-Humpback whale-Ed.100-$1950-12 1/4North to Alaska-Humpback whales-$3575Arctic Companions-Bow head & Beluga Ed.38-$4275.-18.5Suzy-Q, female sea lion $2475Friends, Harbor seals- $3450Bachelors Dream-sea lions Ed. 40-$7500Looking For A Home- 2 sea otter pups price $975Fairwarning-Ltd. Ed. 40-$675Rushing Waters-$8250.-Scented Flower-Ltd. Ed.40-$675Dune Doggy-turtle- Ed.100-$1050-3Hanging On, mouse $1175Breakfast on the Run-Ltd. Ed. 40-$775Johnny Jump Up-Ltd. Ed.250-$675Traveling Trio-Turtles- Ed.75-$2975Lady Lea-female sea lion $2375