Sculpture Portfolio: People & Totems

The Sun kissed the Earth and Life Began Anew-$4375Heartbeat of the Northland-Ltd. Ed.150-$2275-b.$2475 9.5 Sweet memories-Ltd. Ed.150-$1950-9Circle of Life-Ltd. Ed. 57-$10750.- 22 T x 22Eclipse-Ltd. Ed. 12-$32,500. 6 feet tallSisters-Ltd. Ed. 100-$2895-15.5Eclipse-(Model) Ltd. Ed. 75-$8000.- 32.5" T x 13" LRising Sun--$3995Sky Dance, Ltd Ed. 25-$9875- 31Day is Done-- 75-$4375Snuggles-Ltd. Ed.100-$1575-6New Day Dawning-Ltd. Ed.50-$2395- 17The Wedding Dance-Ltd. Ed. 95-$1895-12.5Dawn-Ltd. Ed. 100-$3495-14.5Reverie-Ltd Ed. 75-$8750- 18Shadow of the Copper Moon-$9950Rainy Day Sunshine--$13500Distant Thunder-$2575Eagle Spirit, $27500Stealth Walker-$2375The Swan Maiden, 16Halibut Hook-$295Totem Sun Mask-$475Totem mosquito- Ltd. Ed. 250-$450-2.75King Louie,Ltd. Ed. 150-$1575-Front on stone baseKing Louie,Ltd. Ed. 150-$1575-FrontRun of the Salmon People-$16750.-