Sold out editions

Active Pass-Value $3750-Sold OutAlaskan Banquet,  Value $17500.-Sold OutAlfonzo-Value $975- Sold OutAngokok & the Wolf dancer-Value $3675 pair- Sold outAnother Good Story-Value $1275-Sold outArctic Circle, Polar bear-Value $25,000 , Sold outArctic Shadow (model) -Value $3250-Sold outThe Aristocrats-Value $1950  Sold OutAutumn Flight-Value $1950   Sold OutBeaver Mother-Value $9500-Sold outBeluga Whale-Value-$1750Blind Man and the Loon-Value $17500-Sold OutBon Appetit-Value $9750-Sold OutBoo boo-Value $2250-Sold OutBore Tide-Value $1875-Sold OutBorn of the High Wind-Value $2975-Sold outBruno-Value $5750-Sold out-Bull Protector-Value $1875-Sold OutCampbell Creek Raiders-Value $1575-Sold outCatch Up Kid-Value $1875-Sold OutCelebrate Life-Value $3275-Sold OutCharley-Value-$12500Chilkat Majesty-Value $10500-Sold OutCircle of Life-Value $1675-Sold outDenali Spring-Value $9750-Sold OutDizzy Dancing-Value $3275- Sold OutDon't Play with Your Food-Value $8500-Sold outDrifting Snow-Value $2975- Sold OutEagle Mother-Value $12500-Sold OutEasy Street-Value $975-Sold OutFamily Circle-Value $975- Sold outFire Hawk-Value-$17500- Sold outFirst Come First Served-Value-$3275Fishermans Dream-Value $1995-Sold OutFog Woman-value-$12500Full House-Value $3975-Sold OutGentle Persuasion-Value $2975- Sold OutGift of Life-Value $10,500-Sold outGlory Run-Value-$3275Gotcha-Value $3750-Sold OutThe Great Whirley Spin-Value $3975-Sold outHarem Master-Value $1750-Sold OutHigh Dive-Value $2175-Sold outHow the Mosquito Came to Be- Value $1075-Sold outHunters of the Deep-Value $11750-Sold outJacquzzi-Value $12750-Sold outJasper-Value $9500-Sold OutJust Rewards, girl & apple $1450-sold outKing of the Hill-Value $1675-Sold OutKo Da Shan-Value-$10500Ladies of Leisure-Value $1675-Sold outLet the Good Times Roll-Value $1475- Sold outLittle Gourmet-Value $3975-Sold OutLonely Hunter-Value $12500-Sold Out Lunch Bunch-Value $3975-Sold OutMagic Moments-Value $3475-Sold OutMe and My Shadow-Value $995-Sold outMidas-Value $975-Sold outMoonscape-Value-$14750- Sold outNight Shadow-Value-$2775-Sold outNorthern Travelers-Value $1475-Sold outNunivak Islanders-Value $1995-Sold OutOcean Song-Value-$4250On The Prowl- Value $17500-Sold OutOomingmak-Ltd. Ed. 75-Value $3375Peace-Value $1975-Sold OutPerilous Sea-Value-$40000Pick of the Litter-Value $1675-Sold outPlayful Duo-Value $1875-Sold OutPrince William- Ltd. Ed. 40-Value $11750-Sold OutPuppy Love-Value $2175-sold outRacing in the Footsteps of a Legend-Value-$12500-Sold outRaven who Drank at the Well-Value $1675- Sold outReflections- Value $15750-Sold outRelentless Journey-Value $10750-Sold OutRiver magic-Value $4750-Sold OutRough and Tumble-Value $9250-Sold OutRowdy, (model) Value $2475-Sold OutSalmon moon-Value $15500-Sold outSchools Out-Value $4175-Sold OutSedna 1, Transition-Value $4275-Sold outSedna 11, Mother of the sea-Value $4275-Sold outSharing the Joys of Spring- Valur $3750-sold outShiny Bubbles-Value $3275-Sold OutShowtime-Value $4375-Sold Out Siam-Horse-Value-$1575-Sold outSilent Sentry -Value $1995-Sold OutSitka Song-Value $4375-Sold OutSleepytime-Value $3975-Sold outSmooth Sailing-Value $3750-Sold outSong of the Northwind-Value-$2450-Sold outSpook-Value $9950-Sold outSpring Fever large-Value $14500-Sold OutSpring Fever model-Value $1275-Sold OutStorm Riders-Value $18750-Sold outSurfs Up-Value $1995-Sold outSurprise Attack-Value $3975- Sold OutSushi Fanatic-Value-$3475- Sold outSwan Lake-Value $31500.- Sold outSweet and Sassy-Value $3750-Sold OutSweet Success- Value $2575-Sold OutTail Ride-Value $1575-Sold outTall Tales-Value $2575-Sold outTender Moments-Value $2575-Sold OutWhats Up-Value $3975-Sold OutWild River Challenge-Value $2175-Sold OutWild Wings-Value $10500-Sold outWinter Ghost, Value $1985-Sold OutFairwarning-Ltd. Ed. 40-$975